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Brian C Jensen – How Your Business Can Leverage Credit Card Services

Leverage Credit Card Services

Credit card services have been a mainstay for businesses for decades now, with the capability to provide quick and secure payments from customers. With the emergence of new technologies in recent years, however, a business’s ability to leverage credit card services has become stronger than ever. By taking advantage of all that modern-day credit card offerings can offer, businesses can benefit from increased efficiency and cost savings while providing customers with convenient transactions. In this blog post, Brian C Jensen discusses the benefits of utilizing credit cards both internally and externally, outlining what companies need to know about implementing associated processes into their operations.

Brian C Jensen On How Your Business Can Leverage Credit Card Services

Credit Card Signup Bonuses: According to Brian C Jensen, for businesses that run their own loyalty programs or rewards cards, offering credit card signup bonuses can be a great way to increase customer loyalty and bonus sales. Customers who apply for and are approved for certain credit cards often receive an initial bonus, such as bonus cash back or a certain number of points. For businesses, this can be an effective way to attract and reward loyal customers with valuable rewards and incentives. According to a report from, the most common bonus offered by major credit card issuers is a cash bonus ranging from $50-$100, depending on the card issuer. Additionally, according to Marketwatch, U.S. consumers earned over $7 billion in credit card signup bonuses in 2019—an impressive amount that shows the strength of these types of rewards programs for businesses. A real-world example is American Express’s popular Blue Cash Preferred Card which offers new applicants a cash bonus of $300 when they spend at least $1,000 within their first 3 months of account opening.

Interest Rate Discounts: Offering customers the ability to pay for their purchases over a period of time can be very helpful for businesses, as this allows them to generate more sales without requiring customers to pay in full upfront. According to Brian C Jensen, by offering customers an interest rate discount on these types of purchases, businesses can provide an extra incentive that helps attract and retain loyal customers. According to, major credit card issuers may offer 0% APR introductory offers on certain purchases, which incentivizes customers to obtain those cards and use them within a specific timeframe before the rate increases. Additionally, according to Marketwatch, U.S. consumers saved $3 billion in interest rates in 2019 by taking advantage of these types of reward programs—a significant number that demonstrates the power of this type of reward system. A real-world example is Citi’s popular Double Cash Card which offers 0% APR for 18 months on balance transfers made within the first four months of account opening.

Brian C Jensen’s Concluding Thoughts

These are just a few of the creative ways businesses can benefit from credit card services, says Brian C Jensen. By taking advantage of these various rewards programs and incentives, businesses can increase customer loyalty, bonus sales, and save money on interest rates—all while offering customers valuable incentives to use their credit cards. With these types of reward systems in place, businesses can remain competitive in an increasingly crowded market while also improving their bottom line. So why not explore what kinds of rewards your business could offer today? You may be surprised by how much you can benefit from credit card services.