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Some tips for hiring the right people for your company, as suggested by Brian C Jensen

Brian C Jensen

Depending on the bandwidth, the hiring and recruiting process can be an exciting way to grow your company. Brian C Jensen however, can sometimes become tiring. To go through the resume, take interviews, and do other tedious tasks. Lousy hiring can degrade workplace morale, affect productivity, negatively impact the organization’s reputation, drain out resources and cost more. In addition, the lack of offline interaction has limited the ability to estimate a candidate’s skills in the interview. With so much unemployment all around, any open position pulls the attention of many applicants.

Suggestions by Brian C Jensen if you are looking for new additions to your team

It is more important for employers to be specific about the qualities that they are looking for, even if the hiring is remote.

Job descriptions have to be very specific

When you post open positions through your companies’ website, it is essential to remember that you need to be very specific about the responsibilities and requirements you are looking for in a candidate. Each organization can have detailed job descriptions that need to get worked around. A decent way of doing this is by understanding the job role of a departing employee to understand the discrepancy between their expectation and the original job that they have been performing.

Interviews on a video call

It would help if you constantly try to validate the candidate by hosting a group video call with the candidate and the current employees. The digital way of interviewing will help you see the candidate in action and help you understand their personality better. You may utilize it as a test run, as subsequent meetings happen on video chat. You may ask the current employees to prepare questions and ask them to the new candidate to know them better.

Knowing about culture is equally important

A candidate’s attitude can fit the company only when he or she understands and resonates with the company’s work culture. As Brian C Jensen says, certain traits like self-motivation, proactive communication, and a will to problem-solving help a candidate adhere to any work culture no matter how difficult it might be. It would help if you drafted questions to help you discern these qualities in a candidate.

Do not ignore red flags – Brian C Jensen

In a job interview, candidates always try to be on their best behavior. However, if any disappointing behavior comes to your notice, you should not ignore it. Especially for remote positions, red flags such as inability to communicate, tardiness, excessive self-talk, poor preparation can give away a lot about the candidate.

Try to look out for other ways – Brian C Jensen

Try to understand if hiring a new candidate is an absolute necessity of the hour. You can also try out alternatives like a freelancer. In addition, there are many digital platforms, which makes it easier for companies to hire professionals. Who deliver tasks without the need for full-time employees.

Thus, if you are looking to have a new addition or thinking of shuffling your team, stay cautious while searching for new candidates. During these times of remote interviews, it can be a challenging process. If not done with a lot of care, it can end up costing you more.