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Cybersecurity measures for small businesses – advice from Brian C Jensen

Brian C Jensen

Taking businesses online is now a requirement for all small businesses. Even if it is a one-man show and also does not have any employees.  Entrepreneurs must now have a blueprint for taking their business online, even if they prefer to have a physical setup. Hiring the expertise of a third party makes the task of hosting the business online easy. The challenging aspect is to continue online operations without any security breach, believes Brian C Jensen. Cyber attacks are dangerous and can be life-threatening for small businesses. According to data available from industry sources, smaller companies. That fall prey to cybercriminals hardly survives for 6 months after the attack.  According to 2019 figures, the losses amount to a whopping $200,000. It is too much for small businesses already reeling under the Covid19 effects.

To counter cyber-attacks effectively and ensure survival, small businesses can take some measures that are part of the industry’s best practices in cybersecurity.

Train employees and staff on security protocols says, Brian C Jensen

Small companies are favorite targets of hackers as they consider these as sitting ducks due to their lack of resources and funds to create a robust IT security network. Almost 43% of small businesses are the target of hackers, but only 14% stay prepared to protect themselves. Most employees are unaware of handling cybersecurity as only 30% receive the necessary training.  Since startups are like fresh green shoots, it needs more protection and care to prevent hackers breaching the system and paralyzing the business operations. Besides installing a robust security system, training the staff adequately. Will create proper awareness and capabilities to ward off the threats and also maintain business continuity. The staff will follow the security protocols and have the skills to identify suspicious activities to take preemptive action.

Protect your devices and platform from hacker intrusion

Cyber attacks are the new-age techniques of swindling funds from businesses. And wealthy individuals and scammers are getting. On the top of their game every day by riding the technology wave that introduces cutting-edge techniques to breach security networks.  Cyber thefts are becoming more sophisticated. And also criminals often siphon off money from bank accounts of their targets by posing as fundraisers for charity. Scammers use advanced technology to access emails, devices, keyboard strokes, social profiles, and even two-factor authentication codes. Storing valuable items off the grid, if possible, and minimizing online connection possibilities can offer good protection.

Install anti-malware and anti-virus software

Despite limited budgets and lack of access to IT resources, small businesses have ample scope to protect their systems from cyber attacks by adapting low-cost solutions. Installing some anti-virus software and anti-malware software can offer considerable protection to small businesses by identifying potential threats and preventing them from causing any damage. Various cybersecurity software that includes firewalls, file encryption for data protection, and also browser checkup effectively protect the systems from many kinds of security threats.

Be alert to keep the system updated and also run full scans every week to ensure system safety. Using a VPN further improves security.