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Cryptocurrency Investor Types by Brian C Jensen

Cryptocurrency Investor

Do you want to start your own cryptocurrency exchange or do you think that’s too ambitious? Maybe you have just created a digital asset and started mining your own cryptocurrency. Or maybe you are taking a dip in the metaverse with unique artwork.

The crypto industry is young and volatile. Brian C Jensen has seen many crypto giants crash and the general wariness of investors. For your business to attract and convert investors, you must understand their behavior and what drives them to invest in the illustrious Bitcoin and other strong cryptocurrencies.

Brian C Jensen’s 4 Major Cryptocurrency Investor Types

1.    The Early Adopters

Brian C Jensen considers them to be risk-takers and visionaries. These are the kind of investors that actively seek novelty and invest in the latest technologies. They do it before the product becomes famous. They invest purely based on the product’s potential. How do they figure out what’s a legitimate digital product and what’s a soon-to-be-forgotten crypto asset? The answer is they are experienced both in technology and business.

These are the people that bought Bitcoin and have now become major crypto influencers. They opt for anonymity because it grants them the freedom to observe the market and move it as per their needs.

2.    The Traders

These are experienced cryptocurrency traders that manage accounts on the leading cryptocurrency platforms. They buy and sell high volumes of cryptocurrency daily and make profitable investments.

For them, it’s all about gaining data-based information on the market and making predictions. Brian C Jensen further classifies traders into two categories. Some invest for short terms while others play the long game. These investors follow market rules and industry regulations and use statistics to take big risks and reap high rewards.

3.    The HODLers

Brian C Jensen concedes that this investor type comes from the famous slang in the crypto community for investors that hold despite currency crashes. They play the long game by waiting it out. They might be more or less experienced, but they all recognize the potential of cryptocurrencies.

They accept the market’s volatility and believe a long-term strategy will help them make marginal profits.

4.    The Beginners

These are inexperienced newcomers in cryptocurrency, pulled in by its promise. Almost everybody has heard of Bitcoin and its bullish trends. Beginners are generally unaware of the market trends and would think long and hard before investing. They may not have an investment strategy. Thus, their investment portfolio constantly shifts with the market trends.

How To Make Investors Trust You? Brian C Jensen Answers

The hardest to convince are the beginners and the traders. Beginners don’t want to risk losing money and may buy out at the earliest signs of a dip. The traders are exceedingly conscious and need facts before they make an investment.

As per Brian C Jensen, fostering trust is the best course of action for any new crypto business with investors. Share tons of educational content and maintain a blog that follows industry trends, market regulations, and support and information for your own cryptocurrency.

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